Opening Exhibition of Maruku Artists (Uluru, NT) - Opening Thurs 21 Nov by Clive Scollay

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Opening Exhibition of Maruku Artists from Uluru, NT

Thursday, Nov 21st. @ 6pm
52 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick, ACT (Canberra)

The exhibition will be opened by Clive Scollay, General Manager of Maruku Art Centre at Uluru, NT.

Come hear the stories of the early days of Indigenous art creation at Uluru. Clive has been working with the art centre since the early days. From humble beginnings to where the art centre is thriving today. Artworks for sale include internationally renowned Rene Kulitja, whose artwork 'Yananyi Dreaming' which means 'traveling' covered the first Qantas Boeing 737-300

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