Opening Speaker - Clive Scollay, GM Maruku Arts - Thursday 21 Nov at 6pm

Exhibition Opening of Maruku Artists (Uluru, NT) with Clive Scollay, General Manager at Maruku Art Centre.


Thursday, Nov 21st at 6pm.

A bit more on Clive!

Clive is a native Canberran, studied art at ANU and went to Uluru in the early 80s at the start of the Indigenous art movement. Clive was part of the local art movement at Uluru. They camped at night and painted all day, encouraged by the sales of their artwork, they then opened the Maruku Art Centre which is a thriving Indigenous owned art centre. Clive was appointed as the Art Director where he remained for many years, left and returned drawn to the people and land of Uluru.

Please join us at the opening to hear Clive's fascinating stories.

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