Why buy Aboriginal Art?



“Why buy Aboriginal art?” 

Whilst the reasons for buying Aboriginal art can vary by individual, it very often comes down to a few factors that draws us to love and collect Aboriginal art; the connection Aboriginal people have to their land and their innate ability to tell their stories through art.

Other reasons often include:

  • It is truly unique to Australia and represented as an expression of our people and land;
  • Every single artwork has its own identity that conveys several meanings and stories told through generations of dreamings;
  • Ethical purchasing of Aboriginal art directly supports the artist and their community; 
  • The artwork represents a vibrant display of historical significance and contemporary interpretation;
  • Each artwork is painted with honesty and joy;
  • Provides an expressive beautiful display of artwork in a house or office;
  • It is collectable and a good investment; and
  • It will bring you joy everytime you see it.


(Image: Painting in progress, Eve Nagomarra 2012-11, 95 x 800mm)


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