Aboriginal Art Scarfs

Art Mark Gallery is proud to represent Mainie Aboriginal Designs from far north Queensland and local Canberra company One of Twelve.

Charmaine Saunders the founder of Mainie is a descendant of the Gunggari people from southwestern Queensland. The original artworks featured in Mainie’s designs are based on ancient, ancestral stories and sacred ceremonial customs which have been passed down through many generations of Warlpiri women over thousands of years. The rich and vibrant hues used by the artists perfectly reflect the awe-inspiring beauty of their desert homelands in the Australian Outback.  

Local Canberra company, One of Twelve are passionate and dedicated to the art sector, they work directly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art centres.  While each scarf is utterly unique, there is an intrinsic harmony that is so undeniably Australian.  It is this focus, this interest in our country that makes these works so empowering.