Art Rental

Art Mark Gallery is proud to offer Art Rental for your home or business, allowing you to rent an Aboriginal artwork for your premises for any length of time. 

Why Rent?

Art Rental provides a flexible and cost-effective way to create genuinely exciting spaces. Introducing art to your workplace can make an incredible impact upon your work environment, boosting creativity and enhancing your workplace culture - whether to reinforce your corporate identity or simply communicate style.  

Renting art is also a fantastic way to furnish your work or living space without tying up valuable capital.  Your displayed artwork can make a powerful statement, create the elusive ‘wow!’ factor – yet cost you a fraction of the price. 

Our collection represents and promotes Aboriginal contemporary art from all over Australia. When you choose Art Mark Gallery to provide artwork for your office, you are directly supporting Australian artists and contributing to the growth, sustainability, and celebration of Aboriginal art. 

Leasing Options

Art Mark Gallery offers affordable and tax-deductible leasing arrangements.  Best of all, you can lease or rent an artwork with the option to buy, with all art rental money paid the first year credited to the purchase of the artwork. It is a great way to ‘rent to buy’ or ‘try before you buy’.

The gallery offers professional advice regarding all aspects of office artwork ideas, including selection and installation processes.

Who do we work with?

We have a solid record of success, with a client list that includes large and small corporations or businesses, all tiers of government, healthcare and hospitality sectors, architects, interior designers, property stylists and homeowners.

The Process

We ensure appropriate, professional and ethical industry practices are upheld in all aspects of the program.

Our Art Consultants will offer inspiration and expertise, supporting your artwork rental from start to finish, while our team of technicians offer a service to install and maintain your artworks with expert care.

Cost and Lease Terms

With the payment of a satisfactory security deposit, corporate clients can lease a limitless number of artworks, with monthly payments of only 10% of the value of each piece.  The maximum lease term is unlimited, and first-year lease charges will be credited to the client if a buyout is agreed.

The gallery requires a minimum term of three months to be paid at submission of the signed agreement, with an automatic renewal occurring every three months thereafter. Payments are non-refundable and we require written notice of cancellation 30 days prior to renewal.

Monthly short term art rental is available for property or event styling.

Contact us for more information.

Art Rental Catalogue