Ethics & Authenticity

Art Mark Gallery represents fair and ethical trading in all of its dealings with Aboriginal artists and community art centres. Art Mark Gallery is a member of the Indigenous Art Code and adheres to the codes of conduct that promotes integrity, transparency and accountability in the Indigenous art market. 

Our goal at Art Mark Gallery is simple; we are passionate about promoting Aboriginal Art and work in the best interest of the artists and art centres.   Art centres throughout Australia support the production and sale of the artworks.  Art centres are thriving community hubs of creativity.  The sale of the artworks provide a positive social and economic impact to the community and the artists. 

All artworks purchased through Art Mark are consigned and sold on behalf of a community art centre, all prices are set by the art centre to ensure each artist if fairly paid and represented in the market.

All paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity as proof the the artwork has been been ethically sourced.