Angkaliya Nelson - Mamungara

Angkaliya Nelson - Mamungara

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Artist: Angkaliya Nelson

Title:  Mamungara

Cat No: 17-292

Size: 92 x 81.5 cm  Acrylic on Canvas


This is a true story at a place west of Walytjatjara (north of Kalka) in South Australia.  A child is riding on his father's shoulders and sees a figure in the distance.  He sees the mamu (spirit), the mamu is sleeping and the father tells the child to watch the mamu who is lying in the wiltja, shelter, with a fire.  The mamu has no teeth but wakes up and smells the child, looks around and sees him, but the father returns just in time.


Birth Date: 1960
Community: Pipalyatjara : SA

Angkaliya was born at Ernabella and grew up there and Amata, where she was married with two children. She moved back to Pipalyatjara, near her parents' country, in the late 1970's with her family and brother, Sean Williamson.

She is highly skilled doing Tjampi and Punu and attends the Art Centre occasionally.

Group Exhibitions:

2009 Ninuku Arsts print exhibion ‘Pirinyi’, Nomad Art Gallery


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