Biddy Napanangka Timms - Bush Coconut Dreaming (376-18)

Biddy Napanangka Timms - Bush Coconut Dreaming (376-18)

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Artist: Biddy Napanangka Timms
Title: Bush Coconut Dreaming 
Size: 30 x 30 cm

Cat: No: 376-18
Acrylic on canvas stretched on a timber frame.

This dreaming is about the bush coconuts that grow in trees like gum trees.  They are found mainly in the dry season and are good to eat.  They have a very hard shell and need to be cracked open.. Sometimes there is a small grub insite that we also eat.


Born:               26/09/1952

Birth Place:    Gordon Downs

Skin Name:      Napanangka

Language:       Warlpiri

Napanangka is a Warlpiri woman.  She speaks Warlpiri and Jaru.  Her father, Tiger Timms Jupurrurla was a Warlpiri sub tribe Ngaliya.  Her mother was a Warlpiri-Kukatja woman from the Balgo region of WA.

The artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and photo of the artist.

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