David Miller - Wati Tjilpi & Minyma Pampa Hunting Story

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Artist: David Miller

Title:  Wati Tjilpi & Minyma Pampa Hunting Story

Cat No: 18-137

Size: 91 x 81 cm  Acrylic on Canvas



Birth Date: 1951
Place of Birth: Kalka
Community: Kalka, SA

David Miller was born the traditional way out in the bush, east of Kalka. His date of birth is not confirmed, but would be around 1951. His parents took him to Pukatja, later he grew up in Curn Springs and became a farm hand as a young adult. He worked on Curn Springs Station until he moved to Orinda Community and later to Manguna Community in the NT.

Later he returned to the APY Lands and settled in Kanpi. He started painting with Amanda Dent and became a member and director of Tjungu Palya. In 2016, he resigned from Tjungu Palya and moved to Kalka Community and became the Community’s chair person in 2017. In the same year, he joined Ninuku Arts and became the chair of Ninuku Arts.

In 2018, David Miller was re-elected chair of Kuarts, the umbrella organisation for aboriginal artists in South Australia.

David Miller was interviewed as part of the recent Seven Sisters Exhibition at the National Museum and Gallery of Australia

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