Dorothy Gabori - Stone Fishtraps (170-19)

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Artist: Dorothy Gabori 

Title:  Stone Fishtraps

Cat No: 170-19

Size: 120 x 90 cm 

Acrylic on Canvas


"Ngurruwarra means stone fishtrap in our language. We can sll see the fishtraps that the old people build along the coasts of Bennck Island."


Dorothy Gabori

Born: 1959
Origin: Dulkawalne - Bentinck Island
Language: Kayardild

"I am the fifth child of my mother Sally Gabori. My father was Pat Gabori, he was a hunter, a hard working old fella. We use to go bush with our parents who taught us a lot about our homelands both Bentinck Island and Sweers Island.

I love being at the Art Centre with my sisters and the rest of my family. We learn so much from the old people about our land and country. There is always so many activities to get into, I am glad that we have the Art Centre to go to."



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