Katherine Nakamarra - Tjintjintjin - 60 x 60cm

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Artist:  Katherine Nakamarra 

Title:  Tjintjintjin

Size:  60 x 60 cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Stretched and ready to hang.


Katherine Nakamarra paints the ceremonial sites and stories that she has inherited through her mother, the famous artist Walangkura Napanangka. They represent a women’s ceremonial site on her own country near Kintore. The colours that she uses are very much the colours of the earth, ranging through reds, oranges, tans and browns. She represents the rocky country where this ceremonial site is located. The area is surrounded by hills. She marks out the ceremonial sites as concentric circles. This is a landscape painting utilising elements of the Western Desert symbolism and using what we would associate as the very earth colours of this open sandy and rocky country.


Artist: Katherine Marshall Nakamarra
Skin Name: Nakamarra
Born: 1968
Region: Kintore
Language: Pintupi
Subjects and Themes(Dreaming): Tjintjintjin - My Mother's Country

Katherine Nakamarra Marshall was born on 13th January 1968 in the Pintupi country of Papunya. She comes from a family of highly acclaimed artists. Her parents Walangkura and Johnny Yungut passed their Dreamtime stories onto

Katherine and her sisters, the respected Papunya Tula artists Lorraine Nakamarra Yungut and Debra Nakamarra Young. Katherine has been painting since 1986 and is a highly talented painter whose works are sought out by collectors worldwide. Her artworks are sold by leading Alice Springs Galleries and she has held a number of exhibitions at Red Sands Gallery, Eumundi, Queensland and Papunya Tula Art Gallery, Alice Springs.

Selected Exhibitions:


• Black and White and Red All Over, Gallery 1, Noosa, QLD

• Passing Down Stories, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle, WA

• Desert Dreamings, Leslie Smith Gallery, Netherlands


• Red Sands Gallery, Eumundi, QLD

• Papunya Tula Art Gallery, Alice Springs, NT

• Harrison Galleries, Paddington, NSW


• Papunya Tula Art Gallery, Alice Springs, NT

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