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Artist: Kunbry Peipei

Title:  Women's Business

Size: 17 x 60 cm

Acrylic on linen.



Born at Areyonga NT, Kunbry Peipei came to live at Ayers Rock (Uluru) as a child. She went to school in Areyonga, coming back home for the holidays. In those days, she and her family made these journeys by camel. As a child, Kunbry used to take the tourists on camel rides around the Rock for money. Her mother worked in one of the Ayers Rock motels cooking and cleaning for the tourists. Kunbry also used to make music sticks for the tourists when she was little. Her parents, who made spears, boomerangs, perenti, etc to sell to the tourists, taught her to carve and decorate artefacts with pokerwork. She still uses the pokerwork technique to create beautiful designs on the backs of her carved wooden bowls, including water designs and various bushtucker. She has done batik, having trained in batik techniques in Indonesia. Kunbry has been painting for a few years. She taught herself to paint and her paintings are about the women’s places at the Rock. Common themes are kuniya and liru (snakes), women’s inma (song and dance), and the Seven Sisters story. She enjoys painting and says the “money is OK” but would still paint even if she worked full-time. When she has canvas, she paints “day and night”. She prefers big paintings because they “look better”, and says that everyone at Ayers Rock paints well: They paint a true story; tourists buy to get true story – really right; its good to buy paintings because one gets a true story.’ A Pitjanjatjara speaker, Kunbry has five children and has been a member of the Mutitjulu Community Council for several years. She is also an active member of the local Lutheran Church.

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