Lily Hargraves Nungarrayi Yirringali - Women's Dreaming

Lily Hargraves Nungarrayi Yirringali - Women's Dreaming

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Artist: Lily Hargraves Nungarrayi Yirringali
Title: Women's Dreaming
Cat No: 822-10
Size: 85 x 50 cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

This is an amazing painting by Lily Hargraves Nungarrayi Yirringali from Lajamanu, NT.

The artwork is stretched and ready to hang.
A Certificate of Authenticity is provided with the artwork.


This dreaming tells about a women's ceremony.  Only the women know this dreaming. It talks about traveling from north to south, east and west teaching all the young kids.  They all teach people from different skin groups, so that the dreaming are passed along to the young children.


Born:               c.1930

Region:            Lajamanu – Northern Territory

Language:       Warlpiri/Warnayaka

Lily is also known at Maggie Hargraves Nungarrayi.  She was born at Jila Well (sometimes spelt Chilla/Tjila) in the Tanami Desert,  Lily Hargraves commenced painting at the Traditional painting Course, which began in March-April 1986.  Her depictions include Ngalyipi (Medicine/snake Vine) Mala (Wallaby) and Karnta (Women’s dreaming).  From the outset, Lily approached her art with unbridled enthusiasm and vigour.  Her paintings are characterised by liberally applied paint in swirls of colour.  Being senior Law women, she is responsible for supervising women’s song and dance ceremonies.  After being widowed by the death of her and her sisters Leila’s husband, Barney Tjangala, she married Popey Tjapanangka.  (When interviewed for this book she communicated with great animation the future projects for her art.

Selected exhibitions: Gallery Gabriella Pizzi-Melbourne: Hogarth Gallery-Sydney: Dreamtime Gallery-Perth: NGV– Melbourne: High Court-Canberra: Ecole des Beaux Arts-Grenoble France: Australian Embassy—Washington: William Mora—Melbourne.

Selected collections: NGV Melbourne

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