Louise Numina Napanagka - Bush Medicine Leaves

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Artist: Louise Numina Napanagka

Title: Bush Medicine Leaves

Size: 84 x 112 cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Stretched and framed in a white floating frame.


Bush Medicine Seeds are used in much the same was as leaves.  The aromatic turpentine antiseptic variety depicted in this painting - are used for relieving colds, flus, breathing issues and such. It is most often boiled and the resin used in various ways including inhalation or mixed with kangaroo fat and rubbed onto aching bones and sores. The leaves can also be used to wrap around infected wounds to keep clean and reduce pain using natural made string and bark to hold it on. The plant contains antiseptic properties and smells similar to eucalyptus and mixed herbs. It is still used widely today and also features in modern healing or cleansing mainstream gatherings such as premises smokings.


Country: Anmatyerre

DOB: 1976

Louise is one of six sisters and three brothers. She went to Primary School at Stirling Station, a cattle station near Tennant Creek. Later she went to a Yirrara Collage in Alice Springs. When she returned to Stirling Station, she worked with the Community Development Program.

Louise started painting in 1981 after being taught by her celebrated Aunties - Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre. Louise moved to Darwin in 1995, where she completed a Diploma of Fine Arts from the Northern Territory University.

Louise’s works include Bush Medicine Leaves, Mountain Thorny Devil Dreaming and Woman’s Ceremony Body Design. Her totems are the Honey Ant and Emu.

Louise has achieved international recognition in the past three years. Her work has been increasingly selling throughout Australia, Europe, the USA, Asia and UK.

In 2017, Louise collaborated with fashion designer Pia Du Pradal to produce a clothing collection, which was launched at the 2017 Mercedes Benz Fashion Parade in Brisbane.

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