Marie Laruffa Napurulla - Grandmother's Journey through the Sacred Country (Blue)

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Medium: Acrylic on primed linen

Size: 40 x 90 cm

Title:” Grandmother's journey through sacred country”.

Marie Napurulla began her journey of identity in 1997 when she returned to Alice Springs to learn about her culture and family. Having been affected by two generations of stolen children, those being her grandmother and mother, she was determined to learn as much about her ancestors as possible.

Her Grandmother's Journey Story was one of the most significant stories that was told to her as it explained where her grandmother had been born and of the journey that was taken through country to visit relatives and attend ceremony in places that confirmed the connections to country.

Marie Napurulla began to paint her Grandmother's journey story in 2007 and has produced many different versions of the story, evolving through to the present as a self-taught artist.

Marie has previously painted for Gallop-Thru –Time in Katherine, the former Gondwana Gallery in Alice Springs and Karlangu Aboriginal art Centre in Sydney. Marie has also produced a feature painting for a hotel suite at Lasseters Casino in Alice Springs.

The Grandmother's Journey Story includes large circles to depict the places visited on the journey. These places are Tempe Downs (grandmother's birth place), Areyonga, Hermannsburg, Jay Creek and Alice Springs which are all significant to the story. The smaller circles represent the sacred water holes that were crucial to the survival of the ancestors and the rivers and creeks that were crossed forming boundaries and landmarks such as the Palmer and Finke rivers.

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