Melissa Donegan - Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters) - 2

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Artist: Melissa Donegan 

Title: Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters)

Cat No: 17-197

Size: 92 x 92 cm  Acrylic on Canvas


This is a major Tjukurpa for Irrunytju (Wingellina) and across the central Australian deserts.  The seven sisters travelled from Kaliwarra to Wannan in Western Australia, stopping at significant sites and rock holes including Kuru Ala, a sacred place for women.  They encountered a lustful man named Wati Nyiru, who chased them around the desert.  Some of the details of this Tjukurpa (Dreaming story) are sacred and can't be repeated.


Birth Date: 01/07/1969
Language: Pitjantjatjara
Community: Kalka, SA

Melissa Donegan was born at Warburton Ranges in 1969 and is the oldest daughter of renowned painter Jimmy Donegan. She went to school at Amata and moved back to Pipalyatjara and Kalka in the homeland movement of the late 1970's.  As she was growing up she moved between Wingellina, Pipalyatjara and Amata.  She started paintng in Blackstone and it was there where she worked with her sister and mother on the Tjanpi Toyota that won the Telstra Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art award in 2005. She lives in Kalka with her family and is an arts worker at the art centre. Margaret paints designs and iconography associated with the Seven Sisters and Wa Kutjara stories.

Group Exhibitions:

2008 Mark Making in Print, South Australian Impressions, Adelaide Fesval Centre, Adelaide 

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