Necklace - Indian Island - Kerry Madawyn McCarthy

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Kerry Madawyn McCarthy’s painting is her mother's Country, Indian Island, located to the South West of Darwin at the North end of her home country, Bulgul.

Nancy is Kabal , meaning to be born under the moonlight. Born in 1975 at Daly River, Kerry was brought up in the local community, learning the ways of non-indigenous society, while maintaining a deep respect for and understanding of Aboriginal traditions and laws of her country. In 1994, at the suggestion of her aunt, she started to paint. Originally very traditional, her style changed to include subjects more widely associated with Aboriginal tradition. A change also influenced by her grandfather and by her spending 2 years in the bush at her mother’s home country at Bulgul.

Handmade in Sydney by Shared Dreaming.

Limited Edition Collection.

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