Rain Spirits Rectangle Silk Chiffon Scarf 45 x 150cm

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Presenting a distinctively Australian Aboriginal art design by emerging Warlpiri artist, Stephanie Napurrurla Nelson, this beautifully handmade silk scarf exemplifies Mainie’s “Luxurious, Authentic, Unique” trademark.

Resplendent in the glorious, sun-drenched colours of the Australian Outback, the original artwork depicts a traditional Dreaming story, “Ngapa Jukurrpa”, which was handed down to the artist through many generations of her Warlpiri ancestors over thousands of years.

The Dreaming story is about a Warlpiri rain ancestor who travelled to dry creek bed at place called Mikanji and unleashed a huge storm. The storm was witnessed by two women.  Their spirits can still be seen at Mikanji in the form of two river red gum trees (Ngapiri).

The Warlpiri people live in the remote Tanami Desert region of Central Australia.  They were among some of the last Aboriginal people in Australia to make contact with Europeans due to the geographical isolation of their desert homelands.

This exquisite wearable art piece is presented in a handmade gift box with the artwork provenance and the Aboriginal artist’s biography.

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