Rita Watson - Tjintitia Tjukurpa

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Artist: Rita Watson

Title: Tjintitia Tjukurpa

Cat No: 17-70

Size: 126 x 77 cm  Acrylic on Canvas


This one is the woman Lizard 'Linga' drinking water from the rock hole Tjintita. All the Wati Wanambi (army of watersnakes) see her drinking from this water and say 'hey this woman drinking water, let's go and kill her'. They kill her here and take her and put her in the hole at Wanambi ngura Nigultu. Don't drink the water. Only dingo drink the water not all the people - it's too dangerous. These marks are the spear marks. This one is sand hill country, all along. This side of Ilurpa in Western Australia. This is my country.


Birth Date: 13/02/1964
Language: Pitjantjatjara

Rita Watson was born in Warburton, Western Australia. She moved between Amata and Wingellina as she was growing up and is the daughter of Tjuruparu Watson a renowned Irrunytju artist from Wingellina. She now lives in Kalka with her husband and regularly paints designs associated with her father's country, Illurpa.

Group Exhibitions:
2016 Kala ngura ngayuku Colours of my home/country - 1. - 24. July 2016

2009 Alwarawara: Side By Side; Artists from Ninuku Arts, Tjungu Palya and Tjala Arts; Outstation Gallery, Darwin

2009 Kulila Nganampa Tjukurpa. Listen to our Stories. Chapman Gallery, Canberra.

2009 Celebrating Country: Kinship & Culture, Seymour College Art Show, Adelaide

2009 New Paintings from the Desert, Centred Art, Queensland 2008 Our Mob, The Adelaide Fesval Centre, Adelaide

2007 Anangu Backyard, The Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide

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