Samuel Miller - Ngayuku Ngura

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Artist: Samuel Miller 

Title: Ngayuku Ngura

Cat No: 17-164

Size: 121 x 91 cm  Acrylic on Canvas


Ngayuku Ngura means 'My Place'.  Samuel uses an extensive palette of colours to paint the country surrounding Kalka and Pipalyatjara.  His paintings feature the various land formations from that area - rockholes, creeks and hills. His land is a sacred men's rockhold, so sacred that the name is not allowed to be written down or spoken about.


Birth Date: 23/12/1966
Place of Birth: Pukara
Language Group: Pitjantjatjara
Community: Kalka, SA

Samuel Miller was born in 1966 at Ernabella Mission. When Samuel’s mother passed away, his father’s second wife, Molly Nampitjin Miller, cared for him. Molly is a founding director of Ninuku Arts. When growing up, Samuel moved between Amata and Pipalyatjara, but he now resides in Kalka with Molly and the rest of her family.

A committed member of Ninuku Arts, Samuel usually paints every day. His paintings depict the traditional iconography of his land, which lies to the east of Pipalyatjara rockholes, creeks and hills feature in his work, all immersed in Tjukurpa (Dreaming stories). Samuel’s paintings are mesmerising. His composition is minimalist and he makes extensive use of radiant colours, which are largely drawn from the varying colours in the landscape surrounding his country. He is fastidious in his approach and works with a large number of paint colours, which he spreads out around him as he paints. Although he is one of the youngest men painting at the art centre, Samuel is confident and focused in his approach.

Solo Exhibitions:

2010 Ngayuku Ngura "My Home", Outstaon Gallery, Darwin Group Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions:

2018 Bluethumb Art Prize 2018 - Finalist

2017 Jimmy Donegan and Ninuku Arsts, Short St., Broome

2016 Desart Mob, Araluen - Alice Springs

2016 Kala ngura ngayuku Colours of my home/country - 1. - 24. July 2016 

2015 Our Mob - Adelaide

2015 Art Fair Show - Adelaide

2015 Ninuku Tjuta - Singapore

2015 Ninuku Tjuta - Singapore

2015 Araluen - Alice Springs

2015 Salon des Refusés – Darwin Festival - Darwin

2012 Nganampa Ngura, ReDot Gallery, Singapore

2012 Manta Iritjangku: Ngura Kutjupalakuta, Ancient Land: New Territory, Gallery nine5 and Harvey Art Projects, Soho, New York

2012 Desert Mob 2012, Araluen, Alice Springs

2011 Desert Mob 2011, Araluen, Alice Springs 

2011 The Western APY Lands Touring Exhibition, ARTKELCH Gallery, Germany
Group Exhibitions

2011 Shalom Gamarada Charity Fundraiser, Sydney

2011 Five Strong Men, Outstation Gallery, Darwin

2011 Wa Ngintaka Tjukurpa, Short Street Gallery, Broome

2011 Ngura Kalatjara - Land and Colour, AP Bond Gallery, Adelaide

2011 Ngura Wirukanyanku - This is a Beautiful Place, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

2010 Kulunypa tjuta paintamilani: Lots of small paintings, Short Street Gallery (as part of CIAF), Boland Centre, Cairns

2010 Warka Kuwari Walkatjunanyi: New Paintings by the Artists of Ninuku, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

2010 Desert Mob, Araluen, Alice Springs

2010 Desert Country, Art Gallery South Australia, Adelaide

2010 Ninuku Arts Group Show, Chapman Gallery, Canberra

2009 Ngura Tjuta: Big Country, Ninuku Arts show, Short St Gallery, Broome

2009 Ninuku Arsts 'Ngintaka Tjukurpa: Perene Lizard Dreaming', Alcaston Gallery

2009 Ninuku Arsts print exhibion ‘Pirinyi’, Nomad Art Gallery

2009 Kulila Nganampa Tjukurpa: Listen To Our Stories, Chapman Gallery, Canberra

2009 Alwarawara: Side By Side; Arsts from Ninuku Arts, Tjungu Palya and Tjala Arts; Outstaon Gallery, Darwin

2008 Ninuku Tjukurpa - Bilby Dreaming, Ninuku Arts Group Show, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

2008 Ninuku Arts Inaugral Sydney Show, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney

2008 Tjukurpa Kutjupa Kutjupa: Other Stories from Ninuku Arts and Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Short St Gallery, Broome

2007 Anangu Backyard, The Adelaide Fesval Centre, Adelaide

2007 Skin on Skin, Tuggernaong Arts Centre, Canberra

2007 Ninuku Arts in Focus, Randell Lane Fine Art, Perth

2008 Desart Newsletter, Artist in Focus, Autumn






2008 Desart Newsletter, Artist in Focus, Autumn

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