Sarrita King - Lightning - Blue (30 x 30) - Black Box Framed

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Artist:  Sarrita King

Title: Lightning - Blue

Size: 30 x 30 cm (Black Box Framed)

Sarrita King

DOB: 1988
BORN: Adelaide, SA
COMMUNITY: Katherine, NT

There is so much beauty in this world and it’s hard to capture it all, but I can try.’ (Sarrita King)

At 30 years old Sarrita King lives in Darwin, N.T where she spent most of her youth. The Northern Territory continues to be the source of much of her creative inspiration along with the stories her father, the late, William King Jumgala, shared with her.

She lives with her partner, Chad and her son Steele and splits her time between family and working in the study. Sarrita’s new family has only strengthened her desire to share her culture and stories through her art.

The beginning…

In Adelaide South Australia, Sarrita King was born on March 5 1988. She is younger sister to artist Tarisse King and daughter of renowned influential indigenous artist, the late William King Jungala. Her combinations of styles, philosophies and pictorial story-telling have become characteristic of her work, resulting in acclaim and world-recognition as an iconic artist in her own right. 

‘My works try to capture philosophies and elements of life that everyone can relate to and feel a connection to. This brings the viewer into the artwork and helps… them to understand Aboriginal culture.’ (Sarrita King)

Spending her formative years in the harsh and exacting Northern Territory, she was close to the spirit of her people, the Gurindji tribe and she daily felt the degradation, reparation, hope and beauty of a land that was in constant flux, turmoil and renewal. 

At the age of 16 she began to paint. The sand hills, lightning, space, direction, mass, torrential rain, fire, rivers of sand – everywhere the inspiration was rife and plentiful. Representing these visually riveting and dramatic Australian icons on canvas was the challenge that Sarrita accepted and dominated.

William King Jungala – the influence and legacy

Being born as the second daughter to the great indigenous artist William King meant that Sarrita and older sister Tarisse were always in the presence of a seemingly omniscient artistic eye that brought even the most mundane of elements into a vibrant and visceral reality that could not be ignored.

When asked about William, Sarrita comments: ‘His openness, life philosophy and storytelling compelled both of us to follow in his footsteps and carry on his legacy through the art.’

William and his daughters often shared great moments of philosophising, extrapolating on ideas and sharing artistic intentions.

‘I think every one of my works has an influence from either an artwork of his (William King) or a story he shared with us.’

Developing a unique style

Sarrita is a self-confessed artist of today – she unashamedly combines methods and techniques from past and present times and is developing a future style for all generations to enjoy. She admits that ‘dotting’ is not necessarily a long tradition of indigenous artists and she uses it in amongst a variety of other methods, which combined; bring a driving and passionate energy to her contemporary work.

Sarrita, eloquent and descriptive in word as well as image, undertook a Bachelor of Journalism in Adelaide, but has returned to her deeper love of art and is currently in Darwin from where she often journeys deep into the lands that support and cherish not only her people but her talent and aspirations.  

Her style is uniquely her own and is applauded not only in Australia but on the world-stage across Europe, Canada and elsewhere.

Exhibiting in Paris

She first began exhibiting her work in Adelaide in 2006. From here it was like an explosion of interest and popularity. Australia, and then the world, couldn’t get enough of her inimitable work.

In 2009 she was asked to exhibit in Paris. It was like a dream come true.

‘To be working and displaying down the hall from greats such as Dali and Picasso was priceless. Also to be so far from home and still see our culture upheld and represented and respected in the Quai Branly museum just made me so happy for Aboriginal art and culture.’

This was the highlight of her career to date and is just one of many exhibitions that has drawn to her, the fame and accolades she so richly deserves.

A modern day icon

Combining the rich traditional culture and methods of indigenous artists with contemporary attitudes and new techniques has seen Sarrita develop a new style of indigenous art. She has striven to remain faithful to the old whilst embracing the new, demonstrating that indigenous art is not just about what has been, but about highlighting the here, the now and the future.

‘The new generation has a duty to share and continue the path set before us by the earlier generations. The motivation to create and share my artwork comes from the desire to involve the world with the rich Australian indigenous heritage.’

‘The Lightning Series’

Darwin and the Northern Territory of Australia are renowned for their dramatic bi-annual lightning and storm shows. Researchers and experts travel from all over the world to see the spectacular skyward schisms and ruptures. For indigenous Australian artists it’s a time to revel in the portents of change, renewal, rebirth and hope.

The cracking, searing lightning that cuts the sky and reflects the land is passionately realised in Sarrita’s Lightning Series where she combines the elements into inseparable reflective entities. The colours, lines, shapes, depths and light all dance together in a transformational ensemble that leaves the viewer aghast with anticipation for more.

The ‘Our Land Series’

Sarrita has recently produced the Our Land Series which is very much a contemporary and innovative interpretation of the land in which we live.

‘It is a very minimalist series with lines intersecting and a thick coloured circle representing home. The intersecting lines show the ever-changing land as it is damaged and continues to repair. Just like our lives, we adapt to the world around us and our experiences. I have tried to reflect the beauty of this process.’

My Country’s Stories

Collaboratively reflecting the philosophies of their father, sisters Sarrita and Tarisse worked on this series of paintings to peel back the layers of a story that define a region. It’s about structure and language of earth and the seeing-eye. An excellent series creation that showcases the union of the sisters’ talents, visions and future journeys.

Major Exhibitions






2018, Mar

2017, Sep

2017, May

2017., Mar

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Earth Language

Ancestors, Elements, Heritage

King Collection

Battersea Art Fair

Sarrita King, Artist in Residence

Tarisse & Sarrita King

Sarrita King, Artist in Residence

Sarrita King & Tarisse King

Sarrita King, Artist in Residence

Sarrita King, Artist in Residence

The King Sisters


Aboriginal Art Gallery, Rotterdam

Japingka Gallery, W.A

Cromwell, Melbourne

Aboriginal Art Galleries, London

Kate Owen Gallery, NSW

Japingka Gallery, W.A

Kate Owen Gallery, NSW

Japingka Gallery, W.A

Kate Owen Gallery, NSW

Ngarru Gallery, Port Douglas

Japingka Gallery, W.A


Country of Kings

Red Desert Dreamings, Melbourne

2012, Nov     

Art Expo


2012, Oct


Gallery 577, Melbourne

2012, Aug     

Aboriginal Art

Butler Goode Gallery, Sydney

2012, March  

Contemporary Art

Art Curial, Paris

2011, Nov     

Language of the Earth

Japingka, Freemantle, WA

2011, Feb     

Connections , First Solo Exhibition

Gallery 577, Melbourne

2010, Nov     

Contemporary Auction

Art Curial, France


Rising Stars, Tarisse & Sarrita King

Aboriginal Art Galleries, Sydney

2010, Aug     

The King Sisters

Mason Art Gallery


First Artist in Residence

Newington College, Sydney


In Our Father’s Eyes

Aboriginal Dreamtime Gallery, LA

2010, July

Contemporary Auction

Art Curial, France

2010, April    

Fire & Lightning

Central Art, Alice Springs

2010, Feb     

The King Sisters

Red Dessert Dreaming Gallery Melbourne

2009, Nov     

Art Curial auction and exhibition 

Art Curial, France

2009, Sep     

William, Tarisse & Sarrita King

Aboriginal Art Galleries, Sydney

2009, Nov     

Kaminabend mit Tarisse & Sarrita  

Brit‘s Art, Übach-Palenberg, Germany


The King Sisters

Blue Gum Gallery, QVB, Sydney


The 3 Kings

Bennelong Gallery, Sydney

2009, May    

The Three Kings

Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney

2008, Aug    

The Kings

Firstlook Gallery, Melbourne

2008, April    

The 3 Kings

Ulladulla Aboriginal Gallery, Sydney

2006, Aug     

Kings Exhibition

La Jolla, California, USA


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Hong Kong Contemporary

Hong Kong Contemporary

Holmes Court Collection,Major Exhibitions

Big and Bold

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Perth, W.A

Gallery 577, Melbourne


Divas on the Cusp, Art on Hastings

Noosa Heads, Queensland


Canterbury Art Exhibition

Canterbury, Victoria


Aboriginal Art Auction

Customs House, Sydney


Canterbury Art Exhibition

Canterbury, Victoria


The EWB exhibition

14 exhibitions across Australia


Katherine Art Exhibition

Katherine, N.T.


Jungarra Exhibition

Cairns, Qld


City Mob

Adelaide, S.A.


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