Sonya Napaljarri Cooke - Women's Dreaming (362-17)

Sonya Napaljarri Cooke - Women's Dreaming (362-17)

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Artist: Sonya Napaljarri Cooke 

Title: Women's Dreaming

Code: 362-17

Size: 30 x 30 cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Stretched and ready to hang.


This dreaming tells about women's ceremony.  It affirms women's place in Warlpiri society.  The Dreaming story marks large tracks of land of which women are guardian over.  Particular men are workers for the women, they are called kurdungurlu.  This works in reverse as well, where the particular women work for particular men.  Only the women know this dreaming.  It talks about traveling from north to south, west to east into the new sun signifying a new day and new life.  They teach all the young kids.  They all teach people from different skin groups, so that the dreamings are passed along to the young children.


Sonya is the wife of Henry Jakamarra Cooke an elderly dynamic community leader.  Sonya has a number of sons and daughters and lives in Lajamanu caring for Henry in their large extended lively household.

Her and Henry often paint in the art centre together.  Sonya is a traditional lady know her culture and history and began painting in the early '80s.

The painting comes with a COA and photos of the artist. 

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