Sylvannia Spencer - Goanna Dreaming (367-18)

Sylvannia Spencer - Goanna Dreaming (367-18)

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Artist: Sylvannia Spencer

Title: Goanna Dreaming

Code: 367-18

Size: 30 x 30 cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Stretched and ready to hang.


This story tells the story of hunting goanna.  This is mainly a woman's job.  They are found in holes in the ground.  The women do this.  They teach the young ones of their own skin groups.  The women set fire to the spinifex grass to find holes.  They use their digging sticks to dig the goannas out of their deep holes.


Sylvannia is the granddaughter of Lily Hargraves a noted Lajamanu artist.  Sylvannia has attended openings of her grandmother's art exhibitions.  She has 2 children and likes to paint as respite from home duties.

The painting comes with a COA and photos of the artist. 

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