Tjulkiwa Atira Atira - Arulya

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Artist: Tjulkiwa Atira Atira 

Title:  Arulya

Cat No: 17-273

Size: 122 x 122 cm  Acrylic on Canvas


This place is called Arulya. There is a cave there called Kuruyiti where all the children hide because there is a big rain coming. Their big brother is outside eating and sleeping and will not come inside. Big hail stones come down and they kill that big brother so he remains outside. This is a creation dreamtime story, you can see it in the landscape there. 

Wati Tjakura, an edible skink lizard, is another creation story that took place at Arulya. The Wal Mala, army, of Wati Wanambi from Malara came and threw spears at Wati Tjakura. He tried to escape but they killed him. His family came down to bury him.



Birth Date: 07/01/1951
Language: Pitjantjatjara
Community: Pipalyatjara, South Australia

Tjulkiwa was born in 1951 at Watarru, in South Australia. Her mother is the late Kuntjiriya Mick, a celebrated arst of her me. Her father’s country is Kuntjanu, near Watarru, and her mother is from Walytjatjara in the Northern Territory. Tjulkiwa went to school in Pukatja (Ernabella) during the mission mes. Aer finishing her schooling, she met her husband in Pukatja and they had two children. She also spent me in Fregon and Itjinpiri homeland, near Umuwa. That was her husband’s ngura (place of birth). She and her husband had six children. She is now widowed and lives in Pipalyatjara with some of her family. Tjulkiwa is an astute and respected member of the Pipalyatjara community. She is fluent in English and Pitjantjatjara, which serves as a handy tool for translang in the art centre, where she is also chairperson. She has always worked in arts and cras, first at Pukatja, then Fregon, and now at Ninuku Arts, where she paints daily. The me Tjulkiwa spent in Pukatja is evident in her work - she is a natural colourist and her work is reminiscent of the beautiful decorative  style for which Pukatja (Ernabella) is renowned. She paints the story of her grandfather’s country, known as Arulya.

Group Exhibitions
2017 From the past to the present with Ninuku Arsts - Aboriginal Signature Estrangin gallery, Brussels, Europe

2017 Ninuku Prints - Chapman and Baileys Gallery

2016 Salon des Refusés – Darwin Fesval - Darwin

2016 Kala ngura ngayuku Colours of my home/country - 1. - 24. July 2016

2015 Ninuku Tjuta - Singapore

2015 Ninuku Tjuta - Singapore

2015 Araluen - Alice Springs

2012 INMA Our Ceremony, Chapman Gallery, Canberra

2012 Wa Ngintaka Tjukurpa, Short Street Gallery, Broome

2012 Nganampa Ngura, ReDot Gallery, Singapore

2012 Desert Mob 2012, Araluen, Alice Springs

2012 Manta Iritjangku: Ngura Kutjupalakuta, Ancient Land: New Territory, Gallery nine5 and Harvey Art Projects, Soho, New York

2011 The Chairman's Art Aucon, Aboriginal Employment Strategy, Sydney

2011 Kulina Inma - Listen to Song, Tunbridge Gallery, Margaret River

2011 Ngura Kalatjara - Land and Colour, AP Bond, Adelaide

2011 Wa Ngintaka Tjukurpa, Short Street Gallery, Broome

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