Wanampi Tjukurra - Snake Dreaming - Francis Marshall

Wanampi Tjukurrpa - Snake Dreaming

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Cat No: 15-FM295

Size: 100 x 100 cm

Artist: Francis Marshall

Title: Wanampi Tjukurrpa - Snake Dreaming


as told by Francis Marshall. My father’s father’s Dreaming, my grandfather. We go there, Pikilily Top Springs west of Yuendumu out there. It’s still there, a scary place. The snake Dreaming my father told me about this Dreaming. You see the water hole and trees blowing big snake did put concert on my grandfathers and burried his spirit there. He is still there that’s why I paint this dreaming to call him up. My grandfathers spirit talk me, he talk me to paint when I was a little boy. My grandfather spirit come to me talk to me about this place. Pikilily Top Springs, snake dreaming, sacred place.


Francis lives in Haasts Bluff with his wife, artist Daphne Marks and their two children. He is an active member of the community and works for the council on the maintenance crew. He loves to paint his Snake Dreaming Story that was given to him by his Grandfather.

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